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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Illustration from new children's bigfoot fiction book, BLOOD RIBBONS

BLOOD RIBBONS soon available on

Name Change

We are thinking of changing this sites name to
BIGFOOT DIGEST. What do you readers think?

Bigfoot Dead in the Road

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry

Did you know that bigfoots have been seen injured or
dead on roads after a vehicle hit them?

Have you heard of such an event?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


To get information on a Orgon Live KGW program in 2013 on License Suspensions after reporting a bigfoot or UFO sighting to the police, click link below. I talked to someone at the site and he said it would cost about $150.00 for him to do the research and  deliver some sort of product, video, etc. (I wasn't clear what I'd get since I cut him off after he stated the price.) But if you'd like some sort of proof that in Oregon drivers have had their licenses suspended after reporting a bigfoot to the police, then, this would be the place to go.

I don't need such proof since I trust those that told me about the practice in the first place. It is good to remember it isn't a law but a 'practice.'  We hope it no longer happens to people. BUT IF YOU REPORT A HOAXED SIGHTING THEN, IN MY OPINION, YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR LICENSE SUSPENDED!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Illustrations from new bigfoot children's book.

Illustrations by Linda Newton Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

Still working on this children's bigfoot book. Click illustration to view it larger.

Youtube Video

Truck Driver Observes Bigfoot. 
Very short video 2;15 minutes long by GeorgeandWendyShow


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Speak Up! Please

Friday, April 18, 2014

Help Please

I need proof of licenses being suspended in the state of Oregon for reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police, the sighting while driving a vehicle.

It is claimed this no longer happens.

I know on the paperwork it will not say ‘license suspended for reporting a bigfoot sighting to the police.’

We know the real words would be more like ‘suspended for filing a false report’ since the state doesn't recognize bigfoot.

If after you have filed a bigfoot sighting report, no matter what is written on the paperwork, and you had your license suspended, would you be willing to show proof  of it─so once and for all it can be proved. Just copies of paperwork and your written statement, perhaps notified, would probably work.

  These claims of license suspension have not been proved to some as factual. We need your help.

Thank you,
Linda Newton-Perry

Regarding Above Post

Sally has left a new comment on your post "Help Please":

Aren't you kind of late with that information? Last year Oregon Live KGW did a special on people getting suspended for reporting UFO and Bigfoot. The director of the department of motor vehicles claimed it was just a one time thing till the reporter checked up on it. Then she came back on the special and apologized and said she didn't know it was happening. They supposedly stopped it but beware! Even Governer John Kitzhaber didn't know about it according to his aides.


It would have been good if one of my readers had told me about the program! Thank you for the post now anyway. I'm trying to get a link to that video. ... LNP

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger: Susan

Susan has left a new comment on your post "Youtube Bigfoot Video":

My name is Susan Hanson and this letter is to my father in 1950 from a professor in Oregon.

1950 (Ophir,Oregon) The accounts of the apelike giants that inhabit the upper reaches of Iron Mountain seem to date back to as early as 1823 according to DJ Stinnit (anthropologist) of the Oregon State University.

The sightings of the giant apes called Omah or Saswish resurfaced after the stories of loggers being harassed and attacked started coming out of the remote Azalea Lake area some 30 miles south of Powers, Oregon in the Siskiyou Forest. The actual attacks were reported between 1939-47 by scores of loggers working at the remote logging camp now known as Camp 2. The camp had been used by Coos Bay Lumber Company until it was abandoned in 1949.

The apes were a mixture of wildman and ape standing over 8 feet tall and covered with hair. The apes were said to be of immense build and strength. I had personally talked with a guard (Steve Wilson) at the camp and was told these apes are very much like the creatures that a report said killed some miners up in the Chetco River area in 1866. Also the upper Sixes River area had accounts of the same type creature somewhere around the 1880-1908 timeline. 

As in our last discussion I believe the possibility of a unclassified primate living in the Pacific Northwest is very good. All the documentation from the incidents seems to point in this direction. This merits more examination and field study. Sincerely, Wesley Hanson UOC 


Should the name after Sincerely, be Wesley Hanson ? I thought the letter was to your dad, not from him?

Okay, we will go with that. Thank you for the great post. ... LNP

Searching for Bigfoot Older Outing


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Available Soon

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry, dallied with by Befunky

Just a word from Linda Newton-Perry


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We believe in bigfoot ...

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what you have to say.Yes, we sell books but
we do value your comments. ... Linda Newton

Monday, April 14, 2014

If This Animal Exists ...

Photo: PhotoXpress

And it does, so why not bigfoots?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Youtube Video Bigfoot Shot?

A Hunter Shots Bigfoot! (The Bigfoot Case Files)
by Yeti Verse and 5:13 minutes long. 

tAlKiNg bIGFooT

If you love the subject of bigfoot as Chris and I do, you will be watching for all the latest news about the animal. Why not share
what you have learned? We look forward to reading your comment. Just below the body of this post are the words, no comments or 1 comment or how many there are. This is where you click and type in your comment.

Youtube Bigfoot Video

Encounter With Screaming Erratic Sasquatch
"These things are real!"
Click link to go to 8:17 minute video by Bigfoot Project
(Some profanity)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Chuck

It takes me a very long time to write my thoughts out. I keep thinking about the day Emery and his friend waited for the bigfoot to appear. I remember Hank saying he thought he was going to have a heart attack because of the size and the fact the bigfoot was very close to them. Hiding in a patch of ferns looking up at a giant isn't my idea of a good morning

We can all agree this bigfoot is dangerous to humans. According to the published reports the bigfoot is a very large male. How did they know the bigfoot wouldn't find them or smell them and attack? They didn't. Using bait to lure an animal is dangerous by itself. I read where they used smoked fish and apples I believe. The fact is both men were armed I guess but at that short distance you better be hoping for a head shot because if the shot doesn't take the animal down right away then it’s another story.


Many people have seen this animal?
Have you? 

This is a real photo of a bigfoot.

Top photo: I outlined the bigfoot. The photo was from a trail camera. Three additional photos of this animal exist. They are clear photos, but Bill Emery of Oregon can not let them be shown to the public. Why? It was explained to us that the animal was photographed on government land and for that reason he can not share them. Learn more about Bill Emery by using Bigfoot Ballyhoo’s search tool and typing in Bill Emery. 

Ms Sparkles Baking a Pie

Bigfoot Children's Story Read by Linda Newton-Perry, Ms Sparkles


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