Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Comment Please


  1. maybe someone will spot bigfoot over the holiday. HOPE SO

  2. I would like to relate a story from 1970. My brother and I went up into the headwaters of the Chetco River to deer hunt in October. We had found a nice spot to camp along side this old mine shaft from back in the early 1900s I would guess. Just a few feet from the mine a creek ran cold clear water. Frank walked down to the creek to fetch some water for coffee and he came upon some weird large footprints. He commented to me some "big dude" (man)had been around the creek in the last few days. We didn't think about Bigfoot because they looked human only much larger. We camped there for 5 days thinking we would move camp the coming week if we didn't bag our deer. the night before we were to pack up something came down the mountain above the old mine shaft. It made terrible sounds like some wild animal screaming. Then it stopped and a minute or two it whistled a sharp very loud sound. At that time we were both convinced that whatever it was didn't want us around. We sat up all night while this thing circled the camp just out of sight from us. The whole time this thing was beating limbs on tree trunks,whistling, and letting out terrible screeching sounds. I mean to tell you we were afraid beyond belief even though we were armed. At daybreak we broke camp and headed back down the mountain to where we left the pickup. Along the way down the old trail we found several footprints of something shaped like human only larger and wider than normal. We came to the conclusion it had to be a bigfoot that was up there. After years of thinking about that trip we are positive it was a bigfoot because the entire time up there we never found any fresh sign of deer only the big footprints of the night screamer.


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